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About Us


On the surface (of our company, as with our skin), 'I AM' is an eco-friendly skincare company that uses all-natural, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients to adjust the health of the skin and help restore its youthful appearance.  Our small-batch products are handmade, using exotic ingredients which are prepared in ancient ways... thru sacred traditions.  While on the deeper level, I AM asks "Who am I?" ... and our products will help to answer that question with "I AM:___" two of the most powerful words, for what we put after them shapes our reality.


(We are currently in our inception stages, but as we develop, building out our company, hopefully you will grow right along with us... as we all REMEMBER WHO WE ARE, finding our Meaning and fulfilling our Purpose... not only taking care of ourselves and the earth, but each other... with the singular reminder that WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!)

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