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ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Buckwheat Honey, Magnetic Bentonite Clay & Quartz Crystal Powder, Sole, with essential oils of Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Manuka, Myrtle & Hyssop.

2 oz.


SKU: 0002
  • It not only gently exfoliates the skin, but polishes & refines its appearance.


    ...ok, so THIS product truly wins the OMG! award!

    I have made this EXFOLIATOR in the past and always loved it, because it contains so many awesome ingredients:

    Magnetic Calcium Bentonite Indian Clay:
    Indian Clay is a rare calcium bentonite, formed 30 million years ago, as the froth and foam of the fiery and convulsive era, atop the Big Horn Mountains, of Wyoming. Over the centuries, it has captured the calcium from the limestone formation along with many other minerals, known to be vital to life. Additionally, it lies near the sacred site of the Big Horn Medicine Wheel, which dates back to antiquity. "We feel medicine wheels were built on vortex areas where earth energies surface intensely, and the Indian Clay contains that same intense energy."

    Of importance to Detox Crews, this is the same Clay used to cleanse people of chemical poisoning, radiation, and heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

    Of importance to Healers (primarily Energy & Lite Workers) is the Mineralogy of this substance, for "Bentonite is not itself a mineral name, but more correctly, it is Smectite clay composed primarily of the mineral Montmorillonite. Montmorillonite is a three-layer mineral, formed of several layers of tetrahedron and octahedron sheets, electro-statically held together by isomorphic inter-layer cations. As the electrostatic attraction is low, exposure to polar fluids will cause the formation of a monomolecular lattice of water between the silicate layers. The basis behind bentonite swelling is that several layers of water dipoles can form into weak 'stacked' tetrahedral structures, causing the silicate layers to separate - this is termed inter-crystalline-swelling.

    Particle Charge - Each crystal of Montmorillonite has a large net negative charge. Thus it tends to attract any positive ions (cations), such as Calcium or Sodium ions, to its surface. If the majority of these cations are Sodium, it is commonly referred to as a Sodium Bentonite (Montmorillonite). If the majority of the ions on the clay surface are Calcium, it is referred to as a Calcium Bentonite (Montmorillonite). The net negative charge is located inside the crystal itself. Therefore, cations tend to be attracted to the surface of the particle in an effort to neutralize the charge. The edge of the crystal has a few positive charges thus attracting negatively charged ions or molecules."

    Many beauticians state that it has no equal as a facial conditioner. They report that its skin-tightening effects is so strong, as to be almost painful. It has been reported that when Indian Clay pulls the red blood cells to the skin surface, leaving your face temporarily red, it has done its job. Therefore, Indian Clay is an unusually effective cleanser, removing deeply-embedded grime, leaving the skin detoxified, healthy and glowing.

    It is wet with a mixture of the Sole (that I make from Himalayan Salt) and the Buckwheat Honey. To which I add Manuka Oil, along with the essential oils of: Lavender, to washes away impurities. Myrtle, which cleanses the persons delicate inner being, to dissolve disharmony. Hyssop is used for ritual cleansing, as it is a symbol of baptism and a sign of sins forgiven. And Lemon Verbena helps release ones attachments to people and things from the past. I love both scent and symbolism of this product, which helps us to "release" on all levels of our being.

    But the most significant change that I have made to this Exfoliator is in swapping out the Pumice for Quartz Crystal powder. It is ground extra fine, the perfect grade to polish the skin. But for us Crystal, Energy & Lite Workers, the Power of this ingredient goes far beyond skin deep... because it is able to be "charged".

    And another great benefit..... after you scrub your skin, just let the exfoliator dry and it becomes a detox mask!

  • We are committed to helping you achieve the beautiful skin you deserve. So if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, you can return it for an exchange or refund of the purchase price.

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