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C.B.:  did an at-home chemical peel and was left with the results in the first picture, even a month after.  Her dermatologist took the photo (on 8-8-20), but offered no further help for correcting the severely damaged tissue. The results of her using our 2 products; 'Kind' and 'Empowered', are shown in the 2nd photo (taken 9-2-20).

Carols before photo 8-8-20.jpg
Carols after photo 9-2-20.jpg

K.S.:  came to us after undergoing radiation to her cheeks for mouth cancer, which caused her skin to break down.  Here is her happy update to us:  "I went for my facial yesterday! My esthetician said my skin looks amazing and asked what I was using! When I told her - she was wowed! Said whatever I am using don’t stop, it's creating new collagen!! Yeah!! Yeah!! And thank you!! "


K.W.:   "I am absolutely amazed by you - Amazed! - my skin looks great! Thanks to you!"


D.F.:  "My favorites are the exfoliator and the mist. The serum oil is great also. I'm in the sun a lot and it really helps my dry skin.  Your products are wonderful! The 'Whisper Silk' mist !!!! I want to use it everywhere !!!!    Does the mist come in a larger size?"

S.E.:  "My skin has never been so clear and bright and youthful looking AND feeling... You have a customer for life!"

FOUNDER:  I am my own guinea pig, for this is my hand, that was bitten by a vicious dog.  The wound goes thru to both sides, as he clamped down, and the worst injury is the tear, that occurred when we tried to get the dog to release his grip.   Due to its location, thinness of the skin and excessive swelling, they did not stitch it closed, so that I was left with an open wound, prone to scarring.  I immediately started using our 'Kind' (whisper silk) spray, with 'Empowered' (repair & strengthening) serum atop, which as you can see from the photos, has healed the wound completely with no resulting scar.









K.W.:  "I am just ❤️ing this! My skin feels amazing and the smell is intoxicating! Thank you so very much!!!"

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