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SPRING: The Magical Season of New Beginnings

Citizens of the universe (Spirit)... Guardians of Gaia (Earth)... our bodies are made from the "dust of her dust"... her seasons, the cycle of life. Change is evolution... symbolic of birth and renewal, in rhythm with our larger sphere... our grander universe.

Spring represents the cycle of Rebirth (new life/new beginnings), Regeneration (rousing from our internal time of hibernation, we stir awake, hopefully on a higher plane of existence), and Renewal (a refreshing of our Spirit, inspired).

We are in Harmony & Balance, when in sync with our source, connected to nature and right (rite/ritual) with her rhythm. Being in touch with the sacredness of our own lives, is about making the ordinary meaningful. Everything that we do can be elevated to ritual status, because it's about being present-in-the-moment with the task that we are doing.

So how will you set your Intentions for this cycle? What Magic and Meaning will you bring to the dream? Journaling about it will spark your creativity and get the juices flowing.

Here are some suggestions to help you come into the flow, bringing meaning to all that you do in your life, thru the daily Ritual of living, for Spring...


Eostre or Ostara of Spring is a goddess in Germanic and Celtic tradition who is the namesake of the festival of Easter. In her various forms, she is Spring-like fertility, associated with the dawn. Her focus is on Balance and the equilibrium between nite and day on the Spring Equinox. It is a time for New Beginnings... for rebirth of the soil, the land, and oneself. So what "seed" will you be planting?

Spring is a time of Transition. A change in the amount of light that we get and changes in the weather, can all have an effect on our mood and emotions.

We can celebrate the sunshine by going outside and getting our bodies moving. Exploring our surroundings can give us a new perspective, so get out there and see how nature is presenting itself... opening itself up to new possibilities, as should we. Take a walk, plant a garden, smell the flowers and photograph them. Color Therapy of the season is Green, which resonates on our Heart. And eating local foods of the season will connect us with nature as well, especially by eating the "greens" in our salad.

"Spring Cleaning" our environments, includes de-cluttering. Feng Shui or the “art of placement” is a centuries old tradition of aligning and visualizing the free flow of 'vital energy' in and around our lives, in order to create a better flow of 'unobstructed energy', that will aid us in the realization of our Intention.

A psychological Spring cleaning entails "Releasing"... letting-go of whatever doesn't nurture us and Forgiving all the rest.

~ As Within, So Without ~ Cleansing the Body, Mind and Spirit ~

Spring is the season when certain allergies are more prevalent, irritants such as pollen and grass. The liver and gallbladder are associated with Spring and are considered the main organs for detoxing the body, therefore, this is a good time to do a cleansing, after carrying the extra weight, from the heavy foods of Winter... and those pesky Dandelions that emerge at this time, are one of the best Spring tonics to use.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and now as our attention is turned to our body self-consciousness, we need to engage in beauty self-care rituals, and exfoliation, the sloughing off of our dry dead "winter" skin, to reveal our new Spring glow.

While bedtime baths and ceremonial tea times, are a wonderful way to participate with the flowers and fragrances of the season.


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